Vision and Values

Our Vision statement:

“Our Christian belief that every person is unique and is to be cherished, underpins all that we do within our school community. Every person is valued, and children are enabled and inspired to reach their full academic and social potential, within a thoughtful, safe and happy environment.”


Everyone is on their own journey of discovery

Each child is unique and has their own talents to offer. We ensure that everyone appreciates the individuality of all the children within our care. There will be appropriate challenge for all, and every child will aspire to do the very best they can at whatever they hope for and attempt.

Belonging but celebrating difference

We aim to create an atmosphere where each individual feels safe, cared for, nurtured, happy and respected: A place where difference is celebrated and not denigrated, and thoughtful discussion of different views is promoted. Where the children are encouraged to engage with the Christian values of compassion, mercy and forgiveness for all.

An Educational Journey

Children learn best when they are motivated and interested and have a sense of purpose. Education must be viewed by all as a learning journey rather than a series of tasks to be completed. Positive learning behaviours will be modelled and taught, including perseverance, endurance, trying our best and challenging ourselves. These behaviours allow children to take ownership of and responsibility for their own learning. The message that achievement and success comes from hard work and commitment will be promoted.

Being open to growing in Mind, Body and Spirit

Through our broad and balanced curriculum we offer rich learning experiences within the classroom and beyond. We aim to keep our children fit and healthy and challenge them to develop all aspects of their humanity – physical, mental and spiritual. Our unique location ensures that our children take advantage of a variety of outdoor learning opportunities and many different sporting activities. Our connection with the local church, and our foundation as a church school, enables us to help the children discover their Christian heritage and to question and grow in their understanding of God.

Being Part of the Bigger World

We are proud of our family atmosphere which is achieved through a harmonious partnership between children, parents, teachers, governors, the church and our local community. We prepare our children for their future so that they leave our school well educated, rounded, happy, polite, confident and modest citizens, with a thirst for lifelong learning.