Woolhampton C.E. Primary School was inspected on the 3rd December 2014 and received a 'GOOD' rating, a detailed copy of the latest report and previous reports can be located here.

Extracts from the latest report include:

Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. Their impeccable manners and excellent attention in every class are impressive. This ‘perfect’ behaviour effectively supports good achievement for all groups of pupils.

All leaders and teachers are passionate about the school and the dedication of all adults makes this a very happy and harmonious school.

The school ensures that pupils’ safety in school is good. The school is currently developing its cyberbullying policy to ensure outstanding safety.

The governing body has a clear focus on the achievement of pupils. Governors are now holding the school to account more than they have over the last few years. They have raised the level of challenge to leaders in order to support further school improvement.

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