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In this section you will find the following information:

Severe Weather Plan

The Staff and Governors will do their utmost to ensure that the school remains open in severe weather conditions. The safety of our children and adults in our school community will always be our priority.

If we cannot maintain sufficient staffing levels (teachers, TAs, Mid-day assistants, office staff) due to problems with travel and access, we will have to close the school.

We will endeavour to make a decision by 8.00am and a text message will be sent to all parents and carers. The website will also be updated to include a message informing of school closure.

The local radio stations (Heart fm, Radio Berkshire) and West Berkshire Council will also be contacted although, on occasions, there may be a delay in publicising the announcement.

Word of mouth... if you know that the school is open / closed, please pass it on to other families if you can!

When school is open, we do ask that your children come to school with warm clothes, sensible shoes and/or wellingtons and outer clothing, especially during this period of particularly cold weather. It would be a good idea to have spare carrier bag to store wet clothes/shoes in.

If the school remains open but parents feel uneasy about travelling to school due to location/road conditions, please telephone the school office so we are aware of your child's absence / delay. Equally, if the weather deteriorates during the day, it may be necessary to close school early to allow everyone to get home safely. If this is the case, please check your mobile phones regularly for messages.

We hope that the above helps clarify any questions you may have regarding the school and inclement weather, but if you have any queries or concerns please do contact the main school office to let them know.

The 'Severe Weather Plan' is available to view in the school office should parents and carers wish to read it.