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Monday 3rd July 2017 We   have   all   arrived   safe   and   sound   at   Brighstone   Camp.   The   trip   down   was   largely   uneventful,   though   some   children   were   not too   keen   on   the   ferry   trip   across   the   Solent!      All   of   the   children   have   slept   well   and   there   was   miminal   disturbance   to   our   sleep last night! Enjoyed dinner, but without the ‘Food Hoover’, there was quite a lot of leftovers! Looking   forward   to   the   day   ahead,   though   some   children   seem   to   think   that   we   are   going   on   a   20   mile   route   march   (not   sure why!)   We   do   need   to   teach   the   children   how   to   write   and   send   a   postcard   -      some   have   asked   where   you   should   write,   should you put the address on the back, do you need a stamp and if you do where should you put it?! I guess it’s called progress! Will write more later - having trouble connecting to the internet at the camp. Tuesday 4th July 2017 We   are   still   experiencing   WiFi   issues   at   base   camp   so   unfortunately   we   cannot   update   the   blog   as   often   as   we   would   like. Hopefully, parents are able to view the photographs. We   have   had   a   cracking   day   today,   walking   along   the   magnificent   Tennyson   Down   in   the   morning   and   early   afternoon   and   then surfing   in   the   late   afternoon.   The   weather   was   fabulous;   initially   cloudy   but   warm   and   then   becoming   sunny   and   very   warm   for the   surfing.      The   route   march   across   Tennyson   was   enjoyed   by   everyone,   even   by   those   of   us   who   initially   expressed   great displeasure   at   having   to   walk   so   far!   When   we   reached   The   Highdown   Missile   testing   site   we   had   to   endure   a   Mr   Bingham ‘monologue’   about   the   Cold   War.   A   few   of   us   thought   it   mildly   interesting,   but   most   of   us   preferred   the   shop,   where   we   added to   our   collection   of   amazing   but   mostly   useless   souveniers!   We   were   all   rather   disappointed   that   there   was   no   souvenier   shop     on   the   beach   at   Compton   Bay,   but   as   you   can   probably   tell   from   the   photographs   we   had   a   brilliant   time   surfing   the   waves. Surfing   Dude   of   the   Day   had   to   be   Isabel!   She   was   a   very   reluctant   surfer   at   the   start   of   the   lesson,   but   by   the   end   was   showing us   all   how   to   do   it.   Winner   of   the   best   pose   award   was   Archie,   whilst   ‘The   Robert   Bruce   Try,   Try   and   Try   Again’   Award   went   to Darcey. When   we   got   back   to   base   we   were   so   hungry   that   we   ALL   ate   everything   on   our   plates   -   some   of   us   even   asked   for   seconds.   In the   evening   we   played   football   and   rounders.   A   German   boy   called   Joshua   and   his   mother   joined   us   and   we   renacted   the   1966 World   Cup!   We   gave   the   ‘Germans’   Mrs   Cox   and   Mrs   Phillips   so   it   really   was   not   much   of   a   surprise   when   they   lost   again!   (Mrs Cox   has   a   no   hands   policy   when   playing   in   goal!)   After   the   games,   we   all   retired   to   Mrs   Phillips   chalet   where   we   had   hot chocolate   and   listened   to   the   story,   “I   know   What   You   Did   Last   Wednesday!’   (Mr   Bingham   reads   the   same   story   every   year!)   As   is the   case   every   year,   one   child   managed   to   spill   their   hot   chocolate   over   the   carpet   -   can   you   guess   who   it   was   this   year? Question of the day: “Is that snow on the cliffs?” Wednesday 5th July 2017 If you want to live somewhere stunningly beautiful but with intermittent wifi come to Brighstone! Holding the computer up in a southerly direction with the wind blowing from the south-west does the trick…but only for a while! Hopefully day 3 photos have uploaded. Thursday 6th July 2017 Almost at the end of our residential visit and I’m afraid the WiFi has not improved, but just about managed to load day 4 photos. Best day so far! Great ride in a tank - even Mrs Cox and Mrs Phillips enjoyed it ! “Better than a rollercoaster!” according to Archie. Coasteering and kayaking were also enormously enjoyable. Interesting game of rounders in the evening! Can’t believe how quick the week has gone! Children have been absolutely brilliant - never had so many positive comments about behaviour. Thanks to them and Mrs Phillips and Mrs Cox for making my last residential so memorable. Mr B