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We   have   our   own   minibus,   a   Ford   17   seater,   purchased   in   April   2008.   It   is used    to    transport    children    to    many    of    the    off-site    activities    that    occur throughout   the   year.   It   is   also   used   to   transport   children   who   live   in   our catchment   area   to   and   from   school   in   the   morning   and   at   the   end   of   the day. If   you   live   in   our   catchment   area   and   would   like   your   child   to   use   the   minibus   please   complete   the   Home   to School   Transport   form   using   the   link   above.   Home   to   School   transport   is   only   provided   for   children   aged   5 or over (in very exceptional circumstances it may be provided for children under 5) If   your   child   is   not   entitled   to   free   transport   they   may   be   able   to   take   up   a   spare   place,   if   one   exists,   on   the minibus.   However,   parents/carers   will   be   asked   to   pay   a   termly   charge   for   this   facility.   Parents/carers should   be   aware   that   the   place   may   be   withdrawn   at   short   notice   if   at   a   later   date   the   seat   is   required   for   a pupil    who    is    entitled    to    free    transport    or    the    transport    arrangements    on    that    particular    route    are reviewed/changed. If   you   would   like   to   apply   for   a   fare-paying   seat   on   existing   transport   that   may   be   available   please   contact the   Transport   Services   Team,   telephone   number   01635   519237.   For   more   information   visit   the   Transport Section of the West Berkshire website.
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