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When   a   child   is   absent   from   school,   we   should   be   informed   by   telephone   as   soon   as   possible.   A   child returning   after   an   absence   should   bring   a   note   of   explanation.   Reasons   for   absence   can   also   be   e-mailed to   office@woolhamptonschool.org.      If   we   are   not   given   a   suitable   reason   for   an   absence   then   it   will   be recorded   as   unauthorised.   Our   office   administrator   monitors   absence   levels   of   all   pupils   on   a   regular basis. From    the    beginning    of    the    academic    year,    2015    to    2016,    the    government    is    reducing    the    persistent absence   threshold   from   15   per   cent   to   10   per   cent.   Therefore,   a   pupil   is   now   considered   to   have   persistent absence   if   their   attendance   falls   below   90%.   This   change   came   about   because   to   have   85%   attendance means   a   pupil   has   to   be   absent   for   56   sessions   (28   days)   of   school.   This   is   a   great   deal   of   schooling   to   miss and,   in   the   government’s   opinion,   setting   the   bar   too   low   in   this   respect.   Where   there   are   high   levels   of absence,   particularly   unauthorised   absence,   then   the   schools   Educational   Welfare   Officer   (EWO)   will   be informed and action taken. As   of   the   1st   September   2013,   a   change   in   legislation   means   that   there   is   no   entitlement   for   parents   to take   their   child   on   holiday   during   term   time.      Any   application   for   leave   must   only   be   in   exceptional circumstances   and   the   Head   Teacher   must   be   satisfied   that   the   circumstances   are   exceptional   and   warrant the granting of leave. Head Teachers would not be expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional. If   parents   believe   that   there   is   an   exceptional   circumstance   for   leave   during   term   time   then   they   must complete   an   absence   form.   This   can   be   obtained   from   the   office   or   downloaded   via   the   links   above.   Forms should be completed and returned to school at least three weeks before the intended date of the absence. Parents should be aware that the school will not take into consideration: availability of cheap holidays parents work patterns availability of desired accommodation poor weather experienced in school holiday periods overlap with the beginning or end of term
Term Time Absence Request Form