Woolhampton CE Primary School, Woolhampton Hill, Upper Woolhampton, Berkshire, RG7 5TB, 0118 9712270

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The   Friends   of   Woolhampton   School   (FoWS)   is   our   Parent   Teacher   Association.   FoWS   plays   a   vital   role   in supporting    the    school’s    goals    whilst    raising    much    needed    funds.    Our    ethos    is    based    on    creating communities,    enriching    education    and    making    memories    for    every    single    child    during    their    time    at Woolhampton Primary. Throughout   each   academic   year   we   hold   a   wide   variety   of   events   and   fund   raising   initiatives.   This   ranges from   the   much   loved   traditional   Christmas   Fayre   and   school   discos   to   the   fun,   different   and   new   (such   as Bottle   Rocket   competitions   and   treasure   hunts).   All   the   money   raised   is   reinvested   back   into   the   school. Some examples of projects and items we have funded to date include: Purchasing equipment to support Forest School and Outdoor Learning Creating a brand new non-fiction library and the purchase of books Refurbishment of the school sand pit Playground equipment Pantomime trip for the entire school And much more! If   you   would   like   to   know   more   or   get   involved,   please   do   come   to   one   of   our   regular   meetings.   We welcome all new members, and are immensely grateful for all levels of support no matter how small.