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Governing   bodies   are   required   to   hold   certain   policies   and   other   documents   by   law.   These   policies   are outlined    in    the    Department    for    Education’s    guidance    document    Statutory    Schools    Policies ’    (updated      2014),   which   outlines   the   necessary   policies   and   procedures   and   organises   them   into   four   categories,   as follows: 1 . Statutory policies required by education legislation 2 . Statutory    policies    required    by    other    legislation,    which    impact    particularly    on    schools    (including academies and free schools) 3 . Other statutory documents 4 . Documents referenced in statutory guidance In   order   to   ensure   timely   review   of   its   statutory   policies,   our   Governing   Body    has   produced   a   list,   which outline   the   policies   required   by   law   and   detail   the   school’s   schedule   for   review.   The   Governing   Body   has also   adopted   a   number   of   non-statutory   policies   and   procedures   in   order   to   support   the   day-to-day running of the school.
Docs referenced in statutory guidance Other Statutory Policies Education  Statutory policies