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Our   Voyage   of   Discovery   Homework   Scheme   was   introduced   in   autumn   2014.   Every   child   in   Year   1   -   Year 6   is   provided   with   a   Voyage   of   Discovery   Passport   and   a   list   of   activities,   which   they   are   invited   to complete   during   the   term.   For   each   activity   completed   they   are   awarded   a      number   of   travel   points, which   enables   them   to   visit   the   countries   in   their   passport   (one   travel   point   entitles   them   to   visit   one country).   The   challenge   is   to   visit   as   many   countries   as   they   can   over   the   year   -   can   they   complete   their Travel Passport? Parents can download the activities for the term by clicking on the links above.
Year 1 Summer 2017 Year 2/3 Summer 2017 Year 4/5 Summer 2017 Year 6  Summer 2017