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There   are   no   specific   qualifications   or   experience   for   the   role   of   governor   other   than   an   interest   in   the education   of   children   and   a   desire   to   work   with   other   governors   and   staff   in   maintaining   and   further developing   the   school's   high   standards.   Working   closely   with   the   Headteacher,   governors   set   the   strategic direction    and    policies    for    the    school    but    the    Headteacher    and    staff    are    responsible    for    their implementation    and    for    the    day-to-day    management    of    the    school.    The    governing    body    monitors progress and maintains oversight of the process. Full   governing   body   meetings   usually   take   place   on   Wednesday   at   7.00   p.m.   Committee   meetings   usually take   place   on   a   Monday   or   a   Wednesday,   but   at   a   time   determined   by   the   majority   of   the   committee members. All   minutes   relating   to   governor   meetings   are   held   in   the   school   office   and   can   be   viewed   by   all   parents. Parents can view the latest full governing body minutes.
Andrew Saunders Vice-Chair Sports
Rev Pat Bhutta Local Minister Church
Julie Howe Senior Teacher
Nikki Jordan Maths and English
Kate Moir Pupil Premium and School Council
James Mottram Community
Donna Sawtell SEN / Safeguarding /  Health and Safety
Melanie Higgs Headteacher
Dates of  Meetings https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/school-admissions-appeals-code Download latest DFE Admissions Code Main Governing Body Minutes