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Forest School Ethos Forest    School    is    a    unique    educational    experience    and    process    that    offers    children    the    opportunity    to succeed   and   develop   confidence   and   self-esteem   through   hands-on   learning   experiences   in   a   woodland environment. Children   engage   in   motivating   and   achievable   tasks   and   activities   throughout   the   year   and   in   almost   all weathers.   Children   will   work   with   tools,   play,   learn   boundaries   of   behaviour;   both   physical   and   social,   grow in confidence, self-esteem and motivation whilst developing an understanding of the natural world.  The   Forest   School   concept   originates   in   Denmark,   originally   aimed   at   preschool   children,   where   it   was   found that   children   who   had   attended   forest   school   then   arrived   at   school   with   strong   social   and   communication skills,   having   the   ability   to   work   in   groups   effectively,   generally   had   high   self-esteem   and   a   confidence   in their own abilities. These foundations helped them to raise their academic achievements.  
Our   Senior   Teacher,   Mrs   Howe   is   passionate   about   outdoor   learning   and   has   been   the   driving force   behind   the   introduction   of   Forest   School   in   our   school.   In   2016   -   2017   she   undertook the   6   month   intensive   course   to   become   a   Level   3   Forest   School   practitioner   and   qualified   in March   2017.   Mrs   Howe   has   created   a   well   equipped   Forest   School   base,   a   short   distance   from   the   school, and   over   the   academic   year,   all   children   will   experience   Forest   School.   Mrs   Howe   will   endeavour   to   link aspects   of   topic   work   to   Forest   School   e.g   looking   at   ways   Roman   soldiers   would   have   survived   in   a   hostile outdoor environment.
Forest School Policy
Y6 children enjoying Forest School in Douai Woods.