Woolhampton CE Primary School, Woolhampton Hill, Upper Woolhampton, Berkshire, RG7 5TB, 0118 9712270

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Lead Teacher
Mrs Julie Howe (3 days)
Mrs Tracy Nicholson (2 days)
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kate Javes
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hannh Phipps
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Donna Sawtell
At   Woolhampton   CE   Primary   School   we   believe   that   every   child   deserves   the   best   possible   start   in   life   and     the   most   effective   way   to   provide   this   is   through   a   mix   of   planned   activities   and   purposeful   play,   both outdoors   and   in.   This   enables   us   to   develop   a   wide   range   of   skills   and   knowledge   to   promote   physical, intellectual,    linguistic,    emotional,    and    behavioural    and    social    development.    We    encourage    children    to explore,    investigate,    recreate    and    develop    their    understanding    of    their    world.    The    exploration    of    the outdoors is also promoted through  Forest School. We   deliver   learning   for   all   17   areas   of   the   Early   Years   Curriculum   through   purposeful   play   and   learning experiences,   with   a   balance   of   adult-led   and   child-initiated   activities.   We   follow   the   Early   Years   Foundation Stage   Framework,   which   sets   out   statutory   guidance   on   the   standards   that   schools   and   childcare   providers must meet for the learning, development and care of children under 5. THE EYFS TEAM Our   full   team   meet   together   once   a   week   to   plan   and   discuss   what   we   have   noticed   and   for   whom and which skills need to be developed and extended. We discuss our assessment judgements. On   a   daily   basis   we   are   talking   about   observations   we   have   made   on   the   children   and   provision   for the next steps in their learning. The   planning   for   the   year   F   and   Year   1   takes   into   account   the   half-termly   topic.   The   Long   Term   Plan   is outlined   by   the   lead   teacher   who   shares   her   ideas   with   staff   and   children.   Their   ideas   are   fed   into   the planning. The weekly plans are often based on a mini topic or story for that week. Together   we   review   our   balance   of   ‘free   flow’   and   ‘adult   led’   activities   to   ensure   opportunities   for inspired play and for staff to teach skills where and when appropriate. ASSESSMENT At   our   school   we   use   an   online   assessment   system   called   ‘Tapestry’    to   record   children’s   learning.   The ‘Learning   Journey’   includes   photos,   observations   and   comments,   in   line   with   the   Early   Years   Foundation Stage.   Over   time   this   builds   up   a   record   of   a   child’s   experiences   during   their   time   with   us   in   the   Foundation Stage.   Having   this   Learning   Journey   online   provides   an   excellent   opportunity   for   us   to   share   information about   a   child's   learning   and   achievements      and   for   parents   to   share   their   child’s   achievements   and   interests at home with us. At the end of the year we will send you a PDF of your child’s complete Learning Journal. Tapestry   is   hosted   in   the   UK   on   secure   servers.      Each   Tapestry   account   has   its   own   database   and   the   code itself    is    developed    using    hack-resistant    techniques.        Filenames    are    encoded    for    uploaded    videos    and images, making Tapestry a safe and secure on-line Learning Journey tool.