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Assessment at Woolhampton At    Woolhampton    CE    Primary    School    we    recognise    the    importance    of    high    quality    assessment    in    the provision   of   excellent   learning   opportunities.   Assessment   is   closely   linked   to   teaching   and   learning   and   the tracking    and    monitoring    of    pupils’    progress    and    is    extremely    important.    This    statement    sets    out    our approaches   to   assessment   in   our   school,   particularly   considering   the   removal   of   National   Curriculum   levels from   statutory   assessment.   It   provides   parents   and   other   interested   parties   with   an   overview   of   how   we approach   assessment   at   Woolhampton.   It   is   underpinned   by   school   policies,   including   Assessment   and Feedback policies, and should be considered in conjunction with those documents.